14th forum LOG-IN, April 2, 2020

Project LOG-IN

Czechoslovak project to support innovation in logistics

The LOG-IN project builds on the 26 LOG-IN forums organized in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by ATOZ Group since 2004. The project provides support for innovations in logistics across different channels in both countries:

  • Forum with approximately 200 participants, in the spring in Slovakia and in the autumn in the Czech Republic
  • Award for the best innovations, the most innovative projects and the Fachman of the Year awarded at the gala evening after the LOG-IN Forum
  • Czechoslovak portal – case studies, profiles of “fachmen” – personalities who innovate logistics in their companies, blogs from fachmen, news and inspiration from the Czech and Slovak Republics, and from the world
  • Yearbook LOG-IN – overview of the most fundamental of innovations in logistics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, sent to 7000 contacts
  • Monthly email newsletter with inspiration on how to innovate in logistics
  • Social and Facebook Profiles – a forum for discussion and discussion on logistics innovation