14th forum LOG-IN, May 14, 2020


Case studies and innovations from the best in the business
14. 5. 2020
8:00 – 9:00


Opening words

The future of technology

How to find out which technology will fit and which will not? What exactly does exponential technology mean and why it is important to realize that we (humans) can think linearly, but not exponentially. And how to prepare for the future, where machines will stand by our side? In his presentation, Petr Mára will try to explain what is exponential technology, how far these technologies are now in the components (medicine, construction, automotive, finance) and, in particular, how to prepare for a future in which machines take us work, but at the same time they will create jobs for us that we cannot imagine yet.

Petr Mára

Logistics synergies – how to deal with the merger of two large FMCG companies in terms of logistics

The integration year of Karlovarské minerální vody and PepsiCo and the Mattoni 1873 connection – how not to get lost in complexity, maintain the service level and extend the ecological approach to the transport of products.

Bohuslava Adamová, Mattoni 1873
10:30 – 11:00

Coffee break

Experience with employing foreigners

Foreign employees are often more efficient, hardworking and bring many benefits. However, the linguistic, cultural, administrative and legislative challenges facing companies must not be forgotten.

Case Study: Ukraine & Laos. Different countries, different people. What connects them? Working in Slovakia. The journey and story of foreign employees from Ukraine and Laos.

Jana Šramčíková, Edgar Baker
Jakub Fekiač, Edgar Baker

Digitalization of development

The current trend of digitization does not avoid the construction of industrial and logistics properties. Virtual or augmented reality finds its everyday place in various phases of projects. The presentation will present the latest technologies in practical application and the possibilities of future use.

The latest intralogistic trends and innovations: from drones to Vision Picking, automation and robotics to 3D logistics printing

Smart-data usage, wearables and robotic trucks will change logistics in the coming years. Automation and robotization move the world of logistics. Robotic transport in warehouses is a clear trend. Innovation is a must. Many times the latest trends are only talked about, but somewhere they already work in practice. Can you imagine warehouses without handling equipment drivers, only autonomous machines that ensure picking and even cleaning the warehouse? The topic is also the use of data, which has enormous potential for resource planning. We will also look at projects using blockchain. Blockchain works!

Andries Retief, DHL Supply Chain Central & Eastern Europe

From Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0. And even further…

Slovak industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation and logistics as a service sector cannot stand aside. Automation in many companies works relatively well in both production and logistics. Now is the time for the merger of manufacturing and logistics operations. And also the time of interconnection of individual machines, products, components, software and, for example, people… with the data being the vital “fluid” of this process. The image of digital factories and digital logistics may not be too distant. Logistics personalities will discuss the current direction and development of warehouse and intralogistic technology and technology, the issue of the Internet of Things and Big Data, or the role of man in robotized production. And perhaps the future, which is based on artificial intelligence or deep interconnection of machines and man. How does artificial intelligence translate into the daily practice of a logistics manager? What awaits us and does not miss us?

Rastislav Glončák, Visteon Electronics Slovakia
Speaker 1
Ivan Pastier, CTP
Juraj Rosa,
Branislav Jendek, 108 AGENCY Slovensko
13:00 – 14:15

Lunch & BizLOG

Innovate radically, quickly and inexpensively

Only large and extremely wealthy corporations can afford to endlessly meet and brainstorm without creating anything. If you do not fall into this category, you will do better by learning the world-renowned method of Design Thinking. Come, because thanks to innovative thinking you can change your business, team or even life. You will learn to create innovative products and services, become more efficient and discover your creative potential.

Juraj Rosa,

Trends in ADR storage, the first ADR warehouse in eastern Slovakia

Specifics of dangerous goods storage in the first ADR warehouse in eastern Slovakia. Let’s look at a specific storage process that requires rigorous inspections and compliance with safety regulations. What to look for? What mistakes should one avoid?

Valer Kurinec, ASRA

Automation – Unlock the full potential of your warehouse

HELLA is a traditional automotive supplier with headquarters in Germany. The Slovak branch has joined the corporate automation strategy in which it sees not only a trend, but also practical advantages, such as eliminating errors, saving space or increasing the efficiency of warehouse processes. What does it mean to introduce automation elements into logistics and align all technologies with people?

Ivana Klubalová, Hella Innenleuchten – Systeme Bratislava

Cooperative pallet exchange

GOPALL is a unique system that ensures efficient pallet exchange between carriers during pallet exchange operations. GOPALL helps to solve pallet debt already in the planning of transport and at the same time allows the transporters to get rid of empty pallets near unloading. Thanks to this, they have their hands free for further transport and are not limited by the direction or loading capacity of the vehicle.

Milan Muňko, GOPALL

Presentation to be announced soon

A fantastic presentation from LIDL entitled “Green Logistics: Combined-Drive Trucks, Effective Route Planning and Vehicle Loading as the Basis for Green Logistics” was supposed to be in this time slot. Unfortunately, due to the change in the date of the event, this presentation will not be at LOG-IN. But don’t distress: you will have the change to see this presentation from LIDL at the SLOVLOG congress on October 22, 2020. We will soon announce an equally interesting presentation for this slot at LOG-IN.

Speaker 1
16:15 – 16:45

Coffee break

The Slovak economy grew at the slowest rate in almost six years. What happens next?

Introduction to the current state of the Slovak economy from the perspective of the leading Slovak economist. The slowdown in Slovakia’s GDP growth was affected by the development of household and state consumption, as well as a faster increase in imports of goods and services than exports. According to statistics, performance of key sectors of the economy, including industry, fell in the third quarter of last year. What happens next?

Vladimír Vaňo, Mazars

Where is Slovakia heading? a.k.a. Luck favors the prepared

How is the real Slovak economy and what can Slovak logistics and manufacturing companies expect? What do we need to prepare for and how and what to respond appropriately? What are our options to be one step ahead? How does the current situation manifest itself in areas such as development, automation and human resources, and what are the predictions?

Speaker 3
Speaker 2
Vladimír Vaňo, Mazars
Speaker 1
Tomáš Ostatník, GO ASSET Development

Gala evening of logistics innovations

The second LOG-IN Award will take place at the Gala Evening of Logistics Innovations after the LOG-IN forum’s professional program. At the ceremony, we will reveal winners in four categories:

  • Technical and technological innovation of the year
  • Project innovation of the year
  • Innovation in logistics real estate
  • Fachman (logistics innovator) of the year

Are you a logistics professional and would like to help us choose the winner? You can vote HERE.

19:00 – 23:00

Logistics Business Mixer